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its funny I haven't been on newgrounds in some time. I saw some emails that I had some people that commented. So cool I read those and read about this being used in a video. This actually was a very pleasant surprise. A funny little animation and the song fit pretty well into this. (Though I never imagined it for a dancer oh hell beggars can't be choosers.) Good job!

k7vin responds:

Well Hot dog! I'm glad you approve. Honestly, I think you song is what really brought this whole piece together, so thank you! I hope to hear some more music from you soon!

The very fact that you try to defend this lack of effort you call a flash video as your own personal style. This isn't your own art style in fact last I saw in your other video you have taken styles used in DBZ and other animations. Even if you work on it your own actually take pride into your work making excuses by saying you're using an outdated version of flash and using Text-to-speech is no excuse. When you you're self voice act yourself you don't even put emotion into the character you just made it sound like you were reading off a piece of paper instead of making it sound as if its a conversation.

And your writing for the script is just going in circles you have the characters explaining situations almost twice in a row. And using ridiculous lines like "like that guy we talked about yesterday." Or having the lead villain have to exclaim that he has an evil organization all of which are unnecessary when it comes to writing a plot for a story. Not only that you really shouldn't use yourself as the main character in your story it comes of as egotistical and even worse when placed into something that doesn't have any kind of quality to the work. Everything sounds like its made form outdated wav files and why not just save up and get a better microphone or maybe better tools to make better animations instead of trying to make excuses about it. Take pride in your work like thousands do on this site who even do their own projects on their own. With story, characters, voices, and even music. And there's no reason as to why you can't find music and voices on a site like this because the site is filled with thousands of pieces of music people wouldn't mind seeing placed into animations on the site. Me being an artist myself wouldn't half ass something and make an excuse for it. I don't release it until I know its good and that people will like it in some way just telling people your intention was to do bad and its your own is just sad and insulting to those really trying to make it in animation.

Practice your drawings and animations along with voice acting. Have your writing proof read and fixed up to be more interesting so that characters aren't rambling on with nonsense and causing your audience to loose interest and see you as a joke. I'm not doing this to insult you or put you down but you can't seriously think that this is complete work that leaves so much for improvement and planning and refining. You can do better than this anyone could. Like I said take pride in your work and people will see the effort made even if it means working on it for a year or even months.

Wish you had told me this was up when you uploaded it. Anyway great video though I really don't know much about animation its really good for something done in 3 weeks. Glad to help at with contributing content and in the future I'd be glad to make more audio for your animations. By the way the facial expressions were really good.

WooleyWorld responds:

That'd be great. Thanks for the compliments!

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All too misleading.

At first when the game started it was smooth and just plan cool looking and even when the game started it was great. But after the first few steps the camera jolted off towards some flying robot and then afterwards it just started going all over the place. I didn't like that the camera consintrated on the enemies more then the player character itself. This made it impossible to aim and to navigate got frustrating as well. Not to mention the enemies after hitting you once would knock you down and would just kill you. This had a great potential to be an awesome game but just the graphics itself were misleading. If you could fix it so that the camera isn't going crazy and perhaps fixed the combat up a bit this game might not only look good but play great as well. But like everyone else has said good graphics don't make the game and since the majority of the game frustated me I can only give it in my own opinion 2 stars out of 10. Cause if I can't even play through it I can't give it a real rating. Good attempt better luck next time.

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I like the build up gives you that tingle and it gets bigger and bigger and just rolls out into a fast and intense song nice done.

danyool777 responds:

Yea, it kinda sounds like the intro to some dark and evil game.
But thats just my thought :p
thanks for the review <3

Another Awesome Track.

This was worth the listen for sure and well I'm having a hard time looking for words to describe how much I like this song. It's to the point I would literally go out of my way to learn how to use flash just so I could make a awesome video to go along with this. Though sadly I spend more time writing music and playing it I don't have time to really sit down and do all of that. Regardless and now to the review.

Aside from this song being shorter I thought the intro had a good build up and I think the outro should lead to a pretty big end. Something with alot of energy that would build up and then boom! Other then that I loved the song and I hope to hear more of your tracks. Nicely done. Bravo.

Wasn't Very good.

This song was way too repeptitive. It's good to experiment with music but you have ti mix it up a bit. Add some notes or depth to your music. Though I do like the section of the song with the electric guitar in it. But I guess this would be good for a classic game. But I guess this music isn't my cup of tea. Sorry if this wasn't what you expected.

moja567 responds:

this is just a little something i made in 5 mins. so yeah i fully understand please check out my other submissions though

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